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Finally,a solution to breakage which has always been my problem when doing a relaxer stretch. I'm not going to go into all the details of how i got to use this product or the magic it has performed on my hair by reducing breakage,i'll just let the pictures below do the talking.

              Ok.,i did say i was going to let the pictures do the talking but i can not leave you guys without explaining further. So the first picture on the left was from last week after one of my pre -poo days, you can see its already dried ,tangled and clumpy,that was my hair from my wide tooth comb , after detangling and combing through . The other picture on the right was from today ,even though i deep conditioned yesterday using the product above my hair strands were minimal in the bath tub. This product actually does what it says on the bottle. It's a keeper ,good bye to excessive breakage.




This is a quick post on how i got to use my flexi rods ,or bendy rollers as some people call it on my hair last night.This hair accessory has been collecting dust in one of my draws just because i had no clue how to use them on my relaxed hair.
    I bought them a couple of years ago to use on my hair extensions but its been almost a year since i had any extensions done on my hair so it just remained in my closet collecting dust. Anyway i brought them out yesterday ,cleaned them and tried them on my previously relaxed hair, below is a picture of how i fixed it on my hair.

         I didn't have enough to go round so i decided to part my hair in larger sections ,they were quite easy to fix. When i was done i wore my satin bonnet in the picture below before going to bed.It was a little bit uncomfortable to sleep in.

       Here are the results after taking out the Flexi Rods this morning (left and right view) , The curls are  quite loose, maybe because i didn't use a holdin…


I absolutely love this nail polish , in fact , i used to think Orly was quick drying but this truly beats Orly in the drying department.I got this polish at a shopping mall in Dubai and i think i have only used it twice since i got it. We all know how black can be really messy especially if you're not a pro at doing your own mani/pedi at home or you're in a hurry to leave the nail salon, still i had to try this one myself.

     At 6.5cm in size, its quite small but i can't complain because the content is what matters ,i've bought larger sized bottles of other brands that were just rubbish. The Rimmel 60 seconds nail polish dries almost as soon as you lift your brush away from your nails after just one coat.     The brush is flat as you can see in the picture below which made it really easy for me to apply the polish on my nails,( sorry its still a bit messy though ),but it did dry quickly even after the second coat.

  I really can't remember how much i got it…

JUMP FOR JOY -The Jumpsuit Trend

Here 's a quick post of a set i just created over at Polyvore,i really like the jumpsuit outfit ,but I'm sure i am not the only one as i noticed some actresses like Julia Roberts have been rocking them on the red carpet this award season.

Jump for Joy by beautilicous featuring a green purse




Having watched tutorials and read tips on how to get a perfect arc for my eye brows which fits the shape of my face ,I have to say that I have given up totally regarding my unruly eye brows , for some of you that know me from high school,you will recall that this part of my face has always been an issue ,my school mates used to call me Chicago Bulls because my brows were shaped like the team's ,one time I got punished by one my high school teachers back then because they thought I shaped them to grow the way they did- upwards.
      Well that's in the past ,the truth is I had to go home and take a good look at my folks and my siblings and realised that it actually runs in the family except they don't really care much how it looks, but right now I'm still trying to get mine to come out right especially when applying my make up.

   The problem with my brows are first of all they grow in different directions ,one starts off growing nicely from

In Touch With My Dark Side


This post is so long over due but each time i try writing something down about it , I get excited over something else I recently bought for my hair or skin or something and can't wait to share it on this Blog,but here it is ,and I hope you guys are ready for the big challenge . If you've been going over to the health section on my blog , you will find a picture of a product that I bought months ago mainly for this specific goal (hair growth). I had watched a lot of  reviews on YouTube on how a lot of people got fast hair growth  over a short period of time just by taking the Mineral Rich drink ,well I really can't say i got ''fast'' hair growth but my hair did grow a bit longer after just one bottle,but i couldn't get another one because it's a product that is not readily available where I live so I opted for another supplement,besides, at those prices (*smh*), I thought I might try something more affordable which can still deliver the same or…


Still in the new year mood ,i was  looking out for other colours of outfits that were neither black nor green and the colours that kept popping up were the ones in the purple family -orchids, lavender and the rest. As some of you are aware,2014 is the


It's been quite a while since i did an outfit post on my blog ,so i thought since the holidays are over with work in full swing, i might as well do an outfit for work today. Being the first week of the year and the first month of the year,i thought i would go a bit rebellious and change the usual  ''green'' colours that is often associated with the new month and the new year signifying some sort of renewal in ones life to another colour,so i decided to go with one of the primary colours - Blue.

   I usually like to add black to my ensemble but i tried really hard to wear this outfit with out


So i did say in my last post here that i was going to come back with a list of things i intend to do this year and praying that the New Year has also arrived with its blessings for me as well. Alright, here is the thing with me and new year resolutions - we're never faithful to each . I tend to just do my part and leave the rest to God,That said it doesn't mean i haven't set some goals for the new year,and a lot of these goals are mostly focused on how to become a better person than i was last year and using every knowledge acquired to better the lives of other people around me.
  Below are a few things I've listed to do more this 2014

1. To practice more humility : Besides praying and communicating with God more, I really want this to be the foundation of all my goals this year. There's something about being


Hello lovely people and welcome to 2014 ,this is just a short post to wish everyone a very beautiful and prosperous 2014. I am so grateful for all that has happened in the past year and i want to appreciate all my fellow bloggers,friends and followers who have been so kind enough to share loads of secrets on healthy hair ,skin ,fashion, food and so much more. A special thanks to Lesley from Fresh Lengths, Girl! my hair has never been this healthy in a long time, i achieved this just by reading your blog last year and following your tips.          Also to Yolanda at !Pink and Leopard Prints ,i love your beauty and skin care D.I.Y's and your makeup is ever so flawless,thanks to you my eye brows that never stop growing upwards towards my fore head are now Finally to all the fashion bloggers who have really inspired a lot of my wardrobe collections, my favourite being from Jalisas Fashion Files , talk about a fashionista. She's one to cure all your style head…