Having watched tutorials and read tips on how to get a perfect arc for my eye brows which fits the shape of my face ,I have to say that I have given up totally regarding my unruly eye brows , for some of you that know me from high school,you will recall that this part of my face has always been an issue ,my school mates used to call me Chicago Bulls because my brows were shaped like the team's Logo...lol ,one time I got punished by one my high school teachers back then because they thought I shaped them to grow the way they did- upwards.
      Well that's in the past ,the truth is I had to go home and take a good look at my folks and my siblings and realised that it actually runs in the family except they don't really care much how it looks, but right now I'm still trying to get mine to come out right especially when applying my make up.

   The problem with my brows are first of all they grow in different directions ,one starts off growing nicely from
the beginning of my nose bridge and then stops in the middle and begin to curl back upwards towards my fore head (you can't see much of that in the picture above because I already used the tweezers to pluck them). Then the other one continues to grow downwards below where the other arc stopped,I also plucked those too , so what I'm now left with is short upward growing brows, which I then fill in using my eye brow brush and pencil.

                   This is basically my everyday look ,as much as I like to blog about makeup and other beauty stuffs , I don't use much of it on a daily basis,unless if the outfit for the day demands that I do. Once I can get the brows and eyes looking less tired in the mornings then I'm good to go. Sometimes, when I'm in a hurry to get going, I don't care if I achieve the right arc for the shape of my face or not as long as the damn thing is brought down with my pencil then I'm fine with it...lol, I guess this is the only part of my face that takes more time to enhance.

                                        HOW DO YOU ACHIEVE THE PERFECT ARC FOR YOUR BROWS?

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