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Happy 2014!

        Hello lovely people and welcome to 2014 ,this is just a short post to wish everyone a very beautiful and prosperous 2014. I am so grateful for all that has happened in the past year and i want to appreciate all my fellow bloggers,friends and followers who have been so kind enough to share loads of secrets on healthy hair ,skin ,fashion, food and so much more. A special thanks to Lesley from Fresh Lengths, Girl! my hair has never been this healthy in a long time, i achieved this just by reading your blog last year and following your tips. 
        Also to Yolanda at !Pink and Leopard Prints ,i love your beauty and skin care D.I.Y's and your makeup is ever so flawless,thanks to you my eye brows that never stop growing upwards towards my fore head are now Finally to all the fashion bloggers who have really inspired a lot of my wardrobe collections, my favourite being from Jalisas Fashion Files , talk about a fashionista. She's one to cure all your style headaches.
           I guess this is the part where i list my new year resolutions and things i hope to achieve in the year 2014, well , that will have to be in my next post so watch out for it soon, for now i just want to enjoy the fireworks with my friends ,neighbours and family Cheers everyone and wishing you all a perfect holiday.

                                                              Fresh Lengths

                                                             Jalisas Fashion Files

                                                         HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU ALL

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