This post is so long over due but each time i try writing something down about it , I get excited over something else I recently bought for my hair or skin or something and can't wait to share it on this Blog,but here it is ,and I hope you guys are ready for the big challenge . If you've been going over to the health section on my blog , you will find a picture of a product that I bought months ago mainly for this specific goal (hair growth). I had watched a lot of  reviews on YouTube on how a lot of people got fast hair growth  over a short period of time just by taking the Mineral Rich drink ,well I really can't say i got ''fast'' hair growth but my hair did grow a bit longer after just one bottle,but i couldn't get another one because it's a product that is not readily available where I live so I opted for another supplement,besides, at those prices (*smh*), I thought I might try something more affordable which can still deliver the same or better results,So i went back to my local pharmacy and got a pack of Obron 6.

      I know it says for Nursing mothers and mothers to be , but believe
me I am neither,So back to why I am still taking them. The first time i read or knew anything about this product was many years ago when i used to see it lying around on my mom's dresser,it wasn't until some years ago i complained of being dizzy all the time that she actually recommended i take it , ok fast forward to a few months ago when i did  a post on my nail growth ,this was what i took daily for three months that worked for me.

     I stopped taking the pills for about a month or two and resumed again in October of 2013 but this time i only took it for 30 days which is what each pack contains (30 capsules). Now, it will be exactly one month today since I had my last relaxer application done in December 2013,if you go back to my Length Check here you will notice I was complaining of not being able to manage my new growth and and how thick and voluminous my hair had become ,this product i can honestly say was responsible for all that,in addition to my diet and normal regular hair regimen.
   My new growth was growing faster than usual I couldn't keep up with the maintenance which made me end my relaxer stretch at three months. As regards to my diet which I changed because I wanted to cut back on carbs, I was having one boiled egg every day for breakfast  for over a month but my regular hair regimen still remained the same,except i decided to add pepper mint oil to my coconut oil treatment to massage my scalp every other night.

      In the past I've been able to do a relaxer stretch for up to 6 months and still not have as much new growth of hair as I had when I did my last three months relaxer stretch, but the difference being that I never had a regular healthy hair regimen in the past neither was I taking the supplements regularly for it,So I've decided to start documenting and taking pictures of each new growth length at the end of my relaxer stretch and to keep taking the supplements and sticking to my diet and hair regimen while doing the relaxer stretch as well.
    This product comes in 5 sachets of 6 capsules each , I'm already on my second sachet because i started taking them a week ago. The only down side to these supplement is the fact that it increases my appetite for more food  during the day, but i seem to have dealt with it now by taking it when I go to bed at night that way I'll be so lazy to go down to the kitchen and start rummaging around the refrigerator.
    A pack of 30 capsules sells for #1,000 ( a thousand naira) for those of you in Nigeria, and this should be less than $7 if you are outside Nigeria. So ladies,join me in this challenge,I'll be taking the pill everyday for the next three months,its never too late to start as long as you are consistent with your healthy hair regimen and taking the pre-natal pills daily ,I'm sure there will be something to look forward to at the end of the challenge.

  Don't forget to leave your comments and a link to your blog below if you are already taking any pills for your hair growth and recording your progress. I would love to read about it.



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