Finally ! a trend that
my face can participate in,hahaha..lol. Raise your hand if you are still dealing with acne and spots from your teenage years 🙋🙋, That will be me raising both hands. I have long accepted that having an oily skin has its disadvantages and one of them is that your facial skin is prone to acne, whether you're on a specific diet or not and regardless of the weather, your face will always look like a mirror in the sun. I'll leave that topic for my beauty and makeup post, today we are talking about the polka dot trend.
     I prefer to call it the spotty print trend, probably because the spots come in different colours and sizes when printed on a fabric and not just white any more. My top is from Boohoo, and yes it is still in stock (Thank God). I can't think of any colour at all that doesn't go well with black, If you have been following my Instagram stories you would have seen me wear this blouse with another mini skirt in black, I guess it's true what they say - when you go black, you never go back....lol .
   Let me know what you think about the polka dot prints and thanks for visiting the blog.You all take care...xx

Top : Boohoo
Skirt : Boohoo
Purse : Newlook
Shoes : (Old item from my closet)
Photographs : @jaymini_photos

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