I wish there was some kind of a digital or automatic device that one can use to
change the climate in a particular region, as I am not ready for autumn yet. Hello my lovelies, how's everyone doing today? I know most countries in Africa experience sunshine all year round, but can we just borrow some sunshine for another month or two from them.

      Sometimes the weather itself deters one from outdoor shoots, so I have added one picture taken from inside the house to today's post. I am still on my  fruits and salad diet which has helped me lose a few inches from my waistline, but if you are looking to find a six-pack in any of these pictures, sorry to disappoint you, there isn't any, I  think I managed to see a half pack on one of those days I skipped breakfast and lunch and walked 10km back home .

   Well, its back to the gym next week and that should keep my hopes up in getting toned. Hope you all have a great day and thanks for stopping by..x

Jeans : NEXT
Top : PLT
Bag - Oasis
Shoes : ( Old item from my closet)

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