Hello everyone, hope you are having a great week and also a pleasant start
to the month of August. Just like this dress, I am going to keep my post today short and simple and with a smiley face too 😃 . I'm not sure how many of my facebook friends come here to read my post but last week I shared a picture on facebook of how I have been eating olives and leaves like a goat grazing the fields so I can fit into some of my dresses I bought over a year ago, one of those dresses is this beautiful sundress from Asos.

        I bought this dress in 2016 and apparently, it's sold out or rather no longer in stock, which made it difficult for me to find the link to the page. Fortunately, I googled the name of the dress and found a link which then took me to the Petite size section and that too is sold out.

       Trust me when I say that this dress will flatter any figure, and if you are trying to hide a bump, either a baby bump or a fatty bump then this is your dress, my only advice is to make sure that you have a clean underwear reinforcement for when the wind finds its way underneath your dress as I battled to get a good shot on the streets and kept waving my hand to the photographer to wait for the wind to stop blowing, eventually we settled on a wall as a backdrop.
        Also, this dress comes in black but again 'shortest horror story ever' -its sold out. Anyway, thanks for stopping by and you all enjoy the rest of your week....xx 

Dress : Here , Black Version :here
Bag : Here
Shoes & Accessories: (old item from my closet )

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