Well, well, well ... if it isn't the
runaway cows blogger and other stories😁😃.. hehehehe. My
first post since February 2017, it feels good to be back here,i have missed you all so much i cannot describe how excited i am to be back.  Long and short of the story is that life handed me lemons and i mean like, seriously bitter, sharp tasting and some rotten, smelly lemons, and you know what - i didn't just make lemonade, i made smoothies and right now I'm making lemon pies to go with it..lol.
            2017 was a tough and rough year that I had to reprioritise a lot of things in my life, unfortunately, the blog was way down the list of my priorities as well as a few other social media accounts. So apart from work, family and a new house, I was also volunteering at a children's school. Altogether, i have so many things to be grateful for and lots to share with you in my upcoming blog posts.
   Moving on to the exciting part of the post  - my little white dress. The moment I saw this dress on boohoo's website I knew I had to get it. Its one of their 'Tall collection'' on the site and being 6ft tall, it was the right length and cut for me. I love the button details and I absolutely love the fabric, perfect for a hot summer day. I think I have finally conquered my fear of whites. But if you think it would look good on you in black, then you're in luck as it comes in black as well.

    By the way, I also gave the blog a make-over and a make-under. There were too many loud buttons and junk cluttering the blog, so after I changed my url address, I decided it was time to change the look of the blog as well in order to make it easier for visitors to navigate and find old blog posts and links. Let me know what you think of the new look.

      Thanks for stopping by and for taking the time to read, I really appreciate you all for the support, comments and feedback I get on my blog, please feel free to leave your thoughts below and your links to your sites, I am really looking forward to catching up with everyone on their blogs, until then ,kisses and stay blessed ...x

Dress : Here
Bag  : Here
Shoes : ( old item from my closet)
Earrings : Here
Bracelet :Here
Sunglasses :Here

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