What do you get when you put a
Zebra, a Leopard, a Cheetah, a Tiger, and a Snake in the same place? A zoo, right?. Well, think of the latest trend in the fashion scene as a zoo of all kinds of prints. Although I am yet to have the confidence to wear an animal print coat for the Autumn season, I am going to tread lightly with this classy trend and see where it takes me.
                     It's not the first time my top ( which is actually a body suit) has been on this blog, it is making a second appearance today on the blog but this time not with a skirt but a pair of trousers from Dorothy Perkins.
                     Don't you just hate it when you buy an item online only to realise that its now on sale at half the price you paid for it weeks ago which is the case with this pair of trousers. I think red goes well with any print if you ask me.
                     What do you think about the animal print trend?

Women\s Bodysuit Top
Bodysuit Top: Boohoo ( Sold Out)
Trousers: Dorothy Perkins "Tall"
Trainers: Adidas
Bag : NewLook
Earrings : Zara

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