I enjoy reading and i enjoy writing, i love baking and doing d.i.y projects, i enjoy discovering new places and cultures,i love to play
dress-up and take pictures but sometimes i don't feel fulfilled after accomplishing any of these, this is because i have realised over the years that what truly keeps me fulfilled is when i am able to help others or dedicate some time to charity at any level and understanding that everything else is what keeps the physical and mental body going,which is why i was glad to work with Serengetee on today's post.
       Pronounced  ''  SEREN - GET -EE'' , a brand which started in 2012 designing pocket Tees and has now gone further to designing hats ,bags and other accessories . What the brand does is travel around the world (Africa,Europe, South America, etc) sourcing for fabrics that are added to the design and production of their products.
   Now, it doesn't end there ,these fabrics correspond with a charity in each individual country and a portion of the proceeds from the product is donated to the respective charity of the fabric as well as supporting local artisans around the world, like providing microloans to women entrepreneurs in many countries.
      So during my Euro trip a few months ago i received a few items from Serengetee, one of them is the Bamba baseball Tee which is a hand woven fabric from Guatemala that supports the people of Panajachel,the rest of the Tees are the ones below which i will be giving away to charity along with some $ to help clothe and feed someone in need. These T-shirts are customisable ,so when you pick an item you want, you can pick how you want it customised on their website and best of all they unisex items .
    Having worked with charity groups in the past and still donate every now and then to a cause,i have decided that by Christmas i will like to pick a group to donate to,particularly one that is dedicated to helping children in need ,so if you know any of such groups please leave a name or website below in the comment box.Thanks again for your visits ,and all your comments ,i know i have been behind in catching up on the blog due to my busy routine but i'm planning my time better now and will start posting regularly i really tried to keep awake while these pictures were being taken as i haven't been getting enough sleep and my eyes looked all tired. Hope you all have a good start of the week ,Kisses !!

Tee / Here and  Here 
Jeans/Boohoo Tall
Backpack/ Lamoda (sold out)
Jacket / here , Newlook

P.S : This article is not sponsored neither did  SBL  blog receive any financial compensation for this post .

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