Ah, yes, one of the greatest faux pas of all-time – showing up in the same dress at the same event! And the fear of such an encounter with a dress that’s a duplicate as yours doesn’t only relate to prom or homecoming – or high school, for that matter. In fact, the weekly celebrity magazines have an actual regular feature in which famous folks are photographed wearing the same designer garb. One magazine calls it “Seeing Double” and leaving it at that. One other magazine takes it even further and calls it’s weekly segment “Who Wore it Better?” There’s little more humiliating for some young and hopeful starlet than to find out that not only did someone else (famous, too) wore “her” outfit, but additionally runs the risk of being told (and having her public also be informed) that the other person “wore it better!”

     In addition to being an issue of the celebrity-filled red-carpet, wearing the same dress – not on purpose – can cause all kinds of embarrassment and annoyance. You won’t remember this, but your grandmother might: in the 1950s, there was an extremely popular comedy television show starring a woman named Lucille Ball. It was called “I Love Lucy.” One specific episode pitted Lucy against her best-friend and frenemy  (and neighbor) Ethel Mertz. The women planned to sing the Cole Porter classic “Friendship” to each other, on stage.

    Unbeknownst to the other person, they both lied and alleged they would return their dress when they learned  it was also chosen by their friend. They don’t know that the other never intended to give up her dress and only learn about it when they walk on stage, singing. We won’t tell you anymore, but it’s hilarious and is the very definition of why you don’t want to be wearing the same dress as your best friend, or, really, as anyone else.

    If you shop online with Prom Dress Shop in Chicago and ultimately decide to purchase your dress from them, you will never, ever have their problems. Why? Because this is a shop, a business,  that so cares about not only their clients’ fashion sense, but also their mental state that they keep copious records. You’ll tell them your school and they keep records to ensure no one else will have “your” dress on.

    If you want to look like your favorite female star, start looking by visiting the official Oscars website and check out the link to the “Red Carpet Gallery.” Or go to the Emmys’ website. Both of these websites offer terrific looks at what everyone wore. The Oscars honor film talent and the Emmys award television work, if you weren’t sure. Then, you can go back to The Prom Dress Shop website to match what you’re looking for.

You can find some lovely red-carpet inspirations at The Prom Dress store.  Looking for a dress that reminds you or is inspired by a favorite celebrity can be a lot of fun. To complete your ensemble, you’re going to want to be sure your makeup is done just right. Prom night makeup is not not designed beyond your regular date-night  choices. You must look into prom make-up ideas online. You’re going to have your photograph taken, in a photo that is likely to live on in infamy (have your parents whipped out their photos with a sly smile and a shake of the head, as they assess their dates?), so you  want to be sure it is as lovely and timeless as possible. 

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