If you look behind my images you will find the leaves on the trees are no longer green , what's that quote again that says
'' the grass is always greener on the other side '', well, i'm the other side or i think i am with my lovely bag from zaful and my teal jusmpsuit....lol .
        I have been longing to wear this outfit for months since i got it but sometimes your outfit ideas don't really come together until an item arrives or in my case until the weather permits. Yea ,we had a less-chilly weather the day i took these pictures and even though i had my leopard print jacket with me , i didnt need it afterall.
      My bag was kindly sent to me from Zaful ,i had the liberty to choose what item i wanted and i really wanted a white bag this time.The bag has a smaller compartment which you can detach and convert to a make up purse or a toilet bag. The quality of the bag is really good and delivery was pretty much the same (less than 2 weeks).
      I have to be honest with you guys ,and i am not saying this to get you all excited for nothing but so far i'm impressed with the quality of items that i have received from Zaful.I only wish they had a department for ''tall sizes'' ,that way i can order my true size without going a size up in the regular department.
  Thanks so much for all the commenst i received in my previous post, i truly appreciate the support and visits.I Hope you all have a great day today. Kisses!

Bag /Zaful
Jumpsuit /Boohoo
Jacket /Newlook

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