'' Why so seriuosssa ''  (in my Joker voice from the Dark Knight movie)...lol . Forgive me for  squinting in the picture below,blame it on
the sun. I don't know which is hotter, the red dress or the weather here in the Algarves, each time i looked at the pictures taken on the screen of the camera it looked like this little red dress was competing with the sun, i must have tried every shade available to get some kind of cool tones from the lens but nope, the sun kept firing on. I tell you, it's 9pm here and it's still bright and sunny, these days i go to bed wearing nothing because of the heat. Hello guys and how's everyone doing today .
      Congratulations to my Portuguese friends for winning the Euro 2016 Cup, you guys can not believe the celebration here in Portugal, my neighbours downstairs were giving out free drinks ,Excitement and jubilation everywhere,people going crazy on the streets. I didn't watch the football match but the noise got me celebrating with my Portuguese family anyway..hahaha.
             Now to this little cute dress,It just feels so good to wear light,breezy outfits and move around comfortably,which is what the weather here calls for. Everyone seems to be talking about the LBD and how every woman should own at least one,well another dress i think every woman should also have in their closet is a little red dress,this particular one which comes with a subtle lace detail from the shoulders to the sleeves fits like a glove. I was quite apprehensive when i shopped for it on the Ebay store due to the fact that it didn't have a complete description of the length and size, but look, it made it to the blog,in other words it's a keeper.

                   Do you own an LRD ?  What occasion calls for a red dress?

Dress / ebay store
Shoes / Calcado Guimaraes
Bag / New Look (sold out)

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