I bet some of you didn't believe me when i said i had given up on my beach body and thrown all that diet stuff in the bin, well maybe
this post on how i spent my weekend would prove it. If you're one of my facebook friends, you may have seen my feed and noticed it's all about food lately.
         I spent my entire Saturday outdoors and consumed a slice of pizza, 2 chicken and bacon wraps,a large bowl of tuna salads, 4 ice cream cones (yes 4,don't give me that look...lol, blame it on my sweet tooth ) ,when i went for the 5th one the machine was broken so i ordered a cup of Mcdonald's Frappe,hello cheat day weekend ! Now since i'm not one of those who take pictures while eating, i will be sharing the recipe of what i prepared at home on Sunday. Spicy Guacamole.

Ingredients  :

1 Avocados (cored)
green peppers (chopped in tiny bits)
red peppers  ( chopped in tiny bits)
onions   (chopped in tiny bits )
a pinch of salt
half a tea spoon of black pepper

Preparation ;

  Scoop out the avocado into a bowl, pour the onions and peppers into the same bowl and mash together using a spoon or you could use a small mortar and pestle . keep mashing until it forms a slightly thick paste . Add the salt and black pepper,mix together using the spoon .
Serve with nachos chips.

   I prepared this in less than 40 minutes, it's that easy, and it serves 2 people but sorry i ate everything all by myself...lol. You're welcome to join me for another cheat weekend, hopefully we'll be having a barbecue or whatever you guys propose. Have a great Monday darlings,happy new month and lots of  Kisses!

 To all my American bloggers ,visitors and readers ,Happy 4th of July .

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