Woop!! Woop!!! , Yeeess, finally got time to go to one of my happy places over the weekend,i truly love going to the beach, and if it
wasn't the fact that this time i went with my phone i would have spent the whole day just relaxing on the sand and playing with the water rather than taking pictures. The beach is one place i get my head together and that means no phones, no wifi and certainly no social media interruptions, the serenity of the place when it isn't the holiday season reminds me of my halcyon period last year. One thing i like to do when i go though is visit the shops and beach market along the strip before descending the stairs in my bare foot.

    This particular beach is called Praia da  rocha ,that's Portuguese for 'Rock Beach' and it is located in Portimao ,a small town in the south of Portugal. I did capture the view from where i stood to get a clear picture of  some available spots to spread my tent since all the tourist have arrived . If you take a look at the map of Portugal you will realise why everyone's house is a walking distance to the beaches,i for one walked to the beach so many times last summer that i got a massive tan ( yes black people tan too).

    Now that we have the sea and sand part out of the way ,i am pleased to say that though i tried my very best to attain that  '' beach body '' that the Mayor of London has considered banning from being advertised all over London due to body shaming especially for the young girls,
i am still happy with the results of my diet and workout for the past six months and hey, who cares , if you want to have a beach body, my advice to you is slap on that sun screen and hit the beach in style with your body and i mean curvy ,plus, slim , tall ,petite, whatever , no one cares about your body as i have come to realise that people just want to relax and enjoy themselves on the beach with their friends and families, it's all in the mind darling. So have fun this summer people . Kisses!


Gladiator sandals / here
Top /here
Denim shorts /Primark similar here
Bag / Beach Market

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