Cheers to the freaking weekend guys ! i'm so happy it's Friday, not that there's anything fantastic happening this weekend, but the fact
that i'm going to sleep like a princess tonight is what i'm excited about . Honestly i really need that beauty sleep, i haven't been able to sleep much for the past two weeks.Anyway this post isn't about my sleep routine is it? .

        This skirt describes what is happening right now in the United Kingdom and the EU. I don't think I've  had to talk politics or current affairs here on my blog before but trust me when i tell you that i do this a lot with my brothers and my dad sometimes over the phone and it's an endless argument /debate, i guess it is to be expected coming from a family of lawyers and masters degree holders.

         As i sit here typing this post and watching the results coming in , one minute it's the ''in''  team winning and then the next it's the ''out'' team leading, i'm wondering if when next i shop from my favourite online stores i would have to pay taxes to receive my orders or stick to shopping from my neighbourhood store where i got this really nice denim skirt. Either way i hope the outcome of the results is a favourable one.  In the mean time i want to wish you guys a great weekend and thanks for all the lovely comments and thoughts shared on my blog. Kisses!

Skirt /Neighbourhood store
Blouse/ Recycled from my closet
Similar here and here
Sunglasses / Primark
Bucket Bag / Zara (sold out ) , Similar  here and here
Wedges/ Calcado Guimaraes

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