Happy Monday everyone and hope you all had a great weekend,Apart from the lack of sleep and falling back on my work out routine ,i think i can say that mine was not so bad. Remember the beauty product i mentioned in my previous post that i wanted to share with you on the blog,well here it is and to be honest i'm not excited to share this product here because i'm not ''obsessed'' .
         Talk about getting exactly what you paid for, this lip gloss or liquid lipstick is what i would describe as cheap and cheerful. The cheap being the price tag and the cheerful being that if you 're looking to just wear something nice on your day off and not be bothered what it turns out to look like by the end of the day then go for it. I wore this shade ( It's called Obsess) and about an hour later i rubbed my lips together and guess what -? The lip gloss started to peel off my lips , not in tiny flakes but literally peeled off so much so that i could see my dry lips again in the mirror,yea it's that bad that i can't even put the picture up here.
    When i applied  it here in the picture below i didn't use a lip liner ,or a lip pencil neither did i use a lip gloss ,i figured why bother with a lip gloss since it says ''gloss'' on the bottle. I got this product for less than 6 Pounds and i don't think i'll be reaching for it again . The colour does look nice and all but forget about the ''Matte '' effect that you see on the label, i haven't tried using it as a lip gloss on another brand of lipstick to see how good it would look using both ,it would probably work better that way but i'm not sure. If anyone has used this with a better experience please share or leave your link below so i can read it.


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