Hello everyone,  so sorry to be away from the blog for quite a while now. I was
recently in Paris and have been travelling and living out of my suitcase for the past 2 weeks not to mention the crappy internet service that I have to make do with. This post was supposed to be published a few days ago but I couldn't get internet on my laptop so as we speak I write this I am doing so on my phone and getting ready for another trip.
   Well , how's everyone doing so far , you guys know I really appreciate all of you , your comments and your visits . I don't think SBL blog would have made it this far without you, I promise that my blog anniversary next month will be dedicated to you all. As I mentioned that I was living out my suitcase and you would think with just a few items packed, a style post will be very unlikely, but no my dear it's actually a good reason to go shopping in a city other than yours, wouldn't you agree?....hehehe.
   I got this lovely lace fringe blouse while walking down the highstreet but can't remember the name of the store now and then styled it with the stripped culottes I packed with me. So it is probable that by the time I get back to Portugal I will be carrying more than one suitcase....lol .

     As a fashion/style blogger how do you pack for a trip?

Culottes / Here
Fringe lace / Boutique Similar here
Shoes,bag ,sunnies / Primark

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