Happy new month and a happy (belated) children's day, are we starting off the month of June on
a happy note or what, i think we are ! Children's day was yesterday here in Portugal and i thought i'd let the inner child in me decide what outfit to style next.
      Sometimes i like to believe that there's a five year old Uzo somewhere in my head that is yet to grow up, you know... the one that still picks her nose like she's digging for gold when no one is looking, and the one that dunks her toast in a cup of chocolate drink just to let it soak up before eating...hahaha...ha! Don't let me bore you  with my childhood habits that i still carry with me even now in my thirties...lol. Back to the outfit.
     I picked up this dress from Primark over a year ago from one of the hangers where the midi dresses are kept and i thought to myself to try it on in the fitting room and see what kind of midi we're talking about here before paying for it,i guess i can say it's a ''mini midi '' (a new fashion term  i created for us tall girls ).
    Anyway, remember my my previous post on wearing whites this summer,that post inspired me to go with the white sneakers for the dress since summer is already here (unofficially), and the faux leather jacket completed the sporty chic look. 

   Have you got any childhood habits you're still hanging on to ? Does it have any influence on the way you wear your clothes?

Dress / Primark
Jacket / ebay store

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