Hello gorgeous people , how was everyone's weekend, lovely i hope. Today on the blog i'll be sharing a few of the trends i believe
will be dominating the fashion scene this summer, Most of us have seen the off shoulder trend every where this Spring but i also think it's not going away anytime soon ,so expect to see a bit more of  the clavicle revealing style this summer but with some added tweaks.


       First off on the upcoming trend is the ever versatile romper, i say versatile because they can be either dressed up or dressed down depending on the occasion,and to be honest i am yet to meet anyone who doesn't like a playsuit. A well fitted romper will not only elongate the legs but will give you that comfort yet effortlessly chic look you get  from wearing a basic dress,so head to stores right now and get yourself a killer romper for the summer season.

         Yes ladies, they are currently trending in all shapes, heights, colours and designs, i really like the perspex ones ,some of you might be thinking, ''but aren't those hooker heels '' ...lol,well let's just say that the ''hooker '' in the heels got rehabilitated or better yet a makeover and has won my heart.The block heels are another option for those who prefer wedges to stilettos,it allows you to walk in them for longer hours than you would with the latter.A great way to transition and practice when walking in 6 inches or more.

     White jeans, white blouses, white shoes, white bags , white swimsuits, white dresses,white hats ,white sunnies,white nail colours and white lipsticks, summer is the best time to have a white party people,ok maybe not with the white lippy we can leave that to the makeup artists on social media.I for one would like to lay my hands on perfect pair of white shredded jeans this summer, emphasis on ''perfect'' for a tall pear shaped person this is a big deal for me.

    Does anyone have any of these on their summer wish list this year? What are you looking forward to wearing more often this summer? Thanks for stopping by and i hope you enjoyed reading too.Kisses!

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