The Korean summer begins in the month of June and ends in September — enough to give hallyu (the Korean Wave) followers around the world plenty of time to purchase, experiment with, and perfect their street ensembles. While preparing for the season, make sure you have a lot of choices when it comes to the hottest styles. This summer’s look favors more formal, professional pieces with a playful, airy twist.

     The following ensembles and Korean clothing items are finding their place in the closets of Seoul’s fashion-conscious crowd:

Jacket + Short Shorts Combination

The suit jacket used to be confined inside the workplace and other places that require an air of professionalism. This season, however, the jacket is taking it to the streets with a much cooler, summer-friendly companion: short shorts. The shorts and jacket should form a matching set to retain that formal appeal, but feel free to go with bright and bold colors on sunny days. In addition to the typical suit, you can also pair denim jackets and shorts, or even miniskirts.

High-rise Shorts

The rise, or the difference between the middle of the crotch seam to the top of the waistband, plays an important part in creating your perceived waistline. This perceived waistline, in turn, helps a person’s body look proportional. Now, high-rise or high-waisted shorts can help shorten the torso or lengthen the legs. These types of shorts can be worn with jackets and sleeveless or long-sleeve blouses. To further highlight your legs, pair this getup with boots or gladiator sandals.

It is also a great season to show off your skirt collection. Pair your miniskirt with a jacket or sweater to give emphasis to your legs. You can also play with textures by going with a plain top and a woven, frilly, or lacy skirt.

Dark Floral Sundresses

Summer 2016 offers a departure from the typically colorful image of summer sundresses by favoring those set in dark colors. A black floral sundress gives off a sultry, sophisticated, and feminine vibe. Try to turn down the formal air associated with the color black by going with light, airy fabrics and dresses with playful cuts and flowing silhouettes. Pair the dress with black stilettos or nude pumps and you’re ready for a day in the office or a night out with good friends.

If you’re planning to go on a vacation and test your summer style out in the streets of South Korea’s capital city, make sure that you’re up to date with the weather. Take note that this hot, humid season is preceded by the onset of the monsoon — half of the annual rainfall is accumulated between late June and early July. While the rain may dampen your spirit and style a bit, think of it as an opportunity to put spring clothes to extended use. It’s perfectly fine to put on your coat and high boots for a few more weeks. After that, welcome back the sun by shedding the extra layers of clothing

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