Hello everyone ,how's your weekend going , today on the blog i have a guest writer who is one of the authors at HighStyleLife ,meet Nicole Noel , She will be sharing with you some beauty secrets practiced by Miranda Kerr. Trust me ,you need to read this , i usually have my green tea in the mornings , but i can't believe how much more stuff one can actually do with green tea skin care until i read her post. Hope you enjoy reading too ,and let us know if you have any methods that works for you as well.

Miranda Kerr, who?
Just kidding! We have all heard of this Aussie beauty – and not just heard, but found the time to worship her natural beauty and fall in love with her cute Aussie charm and smile.
For most of us girls out there, the likes of supermodels like Kendall Jenner, Gisele Bundchen, Gigi Hadid, Miranda Kerr to name a few are everything to look up to, and for a reason – these girls aren’t only looking gorgeous wherever they show up but they are also perfect examples of a healthy lifestyle which all of us need to follow!

This time around, our supermodel crush is Miranda Kerr and we’ll dedicate some attention to fashioning a tutorial that will help us copy her diet regimens, workout mantras, beauty habits and much more in order to hopefully upgrade our lifestyle quality and look even better than we already do.

Here’s what Ms Kerr had to advise:

Start your day early

There’s nothing as wonderful as starting the day with the first rays of sunshine. Not only you’ve got more time to run errands but your body is in power mode when it wakes up early – this way it’s burning calories way faster and it’s more ready for anything you’ve got planned for it.

Lemon it up

Before eating breakfast which should, by the way, be oatmeal with dried fruits or protein such as ham, eggs, yogurt, etc – drink a tall glass of warm water with one freshly squeezed lemon. Miranda swears by this routine as it promotes good digestion and gives the body the much needed vitamin C. Wait about 30 minutes after drinking your lemonade before eating breakfast.

Indulge green tastes

The lovely supermodel, who launched her skincare range Kora Organics by Miranda Kerr in 2009, has previously extolled benefits of drinking Tahitian Noni juice, coconut oil, drinking green juice and chakra meditation which are now staples of her beauty and health routines.

Miranda loves green smoothies she often prepares herself and coconut treats like Loving Earththey are her source of sweets and treats and she says she recommends these to everyone. She usually prepares these smoothies in the morning with her son and she sees it as a great experience and a bonding time. Her favorite morning smoothie includes: 1 glass cold-pressed coconut milk / 1 glass fresh coconut water / 1 tbsp goji berries / 1 tbsp acai powder / 1 tbsp raw cacao powder / 1 tbsp maca powder (which she absolutely adores) / 1 tbsp spirulina /1 ½ tbsp vegan rice protein powder / 1 tbsp chia seeds… why not try it out tomorrow?

Meditate for peace

The mother of one has a chakra morning meditation every morning and believes this is a wonderful way to start your day; this helps her begin her day with a bright, positive energy and surround herself with healing light. Meditating or praying is indeed known to bring inner peace, so maybe we should all pick up this advice!
Miranda also likes to some exercise, for about at least 20 minutes - generally it’s yoga or Pilates.

Go natural on your body and hair

Well, here’s something you may have not heard before – there’s something called a “dry body brush” and Miranda is using it! She says that she practices dry body brushing before she goes into the shower as it aids circulation and lymphatic drainage; further, it’s a great way to exfoliate my body.
She is also using a brush made of natural hairs to brush her hair as it promotes shine and growth .

Green-tea your body

Say what? Yes, from now on, you’ll be using green tea for much more than just drinking – apparently, Ms Kerr is using green tea scrubs, face masks, packs (little packs with green tea inside), bath soaks and eye compresses in her beauty routine as they help her skin stay healthy and nurtured. These green tea products are becoming more and more popular as they make use of the tea’s natural benefits.

After having spoken to Ms Adorable, we’ve gathered she’s pretty open about encouraging everyone to join the health wagon with her and enjoy the ride! So, shall we?

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