Nothing spells disaster than watching the rain pouring down on the day you decide to take photos outdoor for the blog. I can't  remember
how many times i ran for shelter to avoid the rain from messing up my hair and my clothes but i managed to get a few shots though. Hello lovelies and how was your Valentine weekend ?  Beautiful i hope. Each year I usually look forward to my birthday (which is tomorrow by the way ) more than Valentine's day maybe because i get more gifts and wishes on that day from my loved ones ,so Val or no Val ,i'm happy and grateful for the love that surrounds me always.
  My outfit today was really easy to style and it's something anyone can easily put together on a cold day. Apart from my bag (which is now on sale) everything else was shopped in my closet.I really like the way a simple accessory such as a scarf can transform a basic style . Oh, and remember my big chop here, well i'm glad to say that it will be 4 months on Thursday the 18th since i cut my long hair and am enjoying my natural state ,you can see my dark roots are already  making an entrance, Patience,patience ,patience i have learnt to be patient with my hair and just give it the love and care it needs and it will reward you with time.
  What accessories complete your look ? Do you prefer the scarves in any weather or just during the chilly season ?  Whatever you choose to accessorise with i hope it keeps you looking fabulous ,and hope you have a splendid week too Kisses!

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