O Em Gee! i did it and No , you are not dreaming , it's me alright,just in a different light (literally), or should i say in a different
colour. Hello beauties, and how is everyone doing today ? So i finally finished my transition from a relaxed hair to my natural  hair texture. First of all don't ask me what hair type i am because even though it's coily, my hair has two different textures - From the middle to the front has a loose curly texture which is almost like the 3c while the back is  a little bit tighter like a 4a.

   The picture above was taken about a week ago and you could see the thin ends which are the relaxed hair and the thick one is my natural hair. If you read my award post here, you will remember when i said i had stopped using Cream Relaxers on my hair since January of this year and i wanted to stretch this period until the end of the year , but i have to confess that once it got to 9 months of stretching my relaxer application  (October 4) i started to experience a lot of breakage so i knew it was time to cut all my relaxed hair and focus on maintaining my natural hair.

The next picture up here was the day i dyed my hair and this was 3 days before i cut it, i dyed it because i wanted to keep track of my new growth and see the growth rate ,so the colour on the roots can show me the difference. I still love my hair colour which has always been black ,but i'm loving this colour at the moment.
    So on Sunday night i took out my scissors and since my hair is always in a pony tail anyway and no one around to give me a cut i just snipped away my pony tail which is what you see beside the scissors in the picture below. The next picture of the back/side view of my hair was what i was left with after washing,conditioning and drying my hair , the one after that was taking on Monday morning after i sprayed it with water and nothing else and then detangled with my fingers , no products.I am so happy with how far my hair has gone and with the new growth i can now focus on maintaining one hair texture using the right hair products,you guys can not imagine how quick and easy it was for me to have my hair ready for work this morning. I did get some funny reactions from my family, (trust them to joke about everything) one of my cousins said i looked like a carrot top while another said i looked like a clown,well it is halloween season so i might as well go search for a red rubber nose and complete the look..lol or nah hahaha. Let me know your thoughts sweeties!

  By the way , any hair product suggestions ,especially for keeping the hair soft (moisturisers,hair lotion,conditioners ,etc) please feel free to share in the comments below. Kisses Y'all.


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