I think i got the memo after yesterday's downpour that Summer is finally gone and we are well into fall so i figured before i put away
all my light clothings and summer outfits i would share this sailor's skirt that was my very first summer purchase months ago.Why it didn't make it to the blog all this time beats me. Hello my darlings , welcome to a new week with new goals,new plans and new achievements.I hope every one is doing great and looking forward to a good week. Today's outfit is what i wore to dinner last night and i had some pretty bad encounters last week too , first of all my camera lens was broken ( notice the blur in the centre of my photos) , and as if that wasn't enough the screen cracked from dropping on the floor, i'm still contemplating what to do but in the meantime i'll see if  i can have it replaced.
     Now back to the outfit,the leopard print body suit is now a size too big for me and this is because i have lost 5 kg in the past 2 months thanks to zumba workout and taking long walks to work and back,and this includes going up and down steep hills. Somehow this has helped me because sometimes i don't have the time to exercise.The skirt  (which is now on sale) is a tad loose on the waist but i still like the fact that it is adjustable , i only wished it had one or two front pockets because i kept forgetting it didn't and subconsciously i would try to deep my hand in,anyway i'm glad i was able to share the look with you all on the blog before i finally say goodbye to summer.Thanks for stopping by and hope you have a great day...kisses!

Skirt / Here
Leopard print Body Suit / Here
Sandals - Here
Bag,sunnies ,Jewelry,/  Neighbourhood Boutique

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