I have been looking for ways to evade all the pants and leggings staring at me in my closet,just because the weather is getting colder
doesn't mean one can't wear a skirt ,you just have to find a way around it,layer on if you must ,improvise if you like and go creative and be different in styling your skirt this Autumn ,that is what i did on Polyvore today. This pretty feisty leopard print skirt from River Island is what i'm talking about . Some skirts don't deserve to remain in the pile of clothes stored away until another spring/summer season,no it doesn't ,so what did i do? I added a pair of tights to keep those legs warm enough,also being that it's boot season , i threw in this marsala coloured boots. You can find more info on each item on my page on Polyvore. Hope you all have a great week and let me know what you think of this set...Kisses!

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