Imagine you moved into a new apartment and you had to start all over, remodeling almost everything from the living room to the bathroom and then the closet in the bedroom ,just so you can live
comfortably and not have to bang your head or legs into things like the chandelier and the shower stall,if you've been following my instagram page ,you will understand why i'm whining. Hello dolls and welcome again to my blog ,sorry guys but i'm going to have to  make today's post really short because i've got a lot to do , i'm currently changing things around my apartment and i'm starting with my closet,speaking of closet,while i was unpacking one of my suitcases i found this Susanne grid print bandeau dress which i ordered weeks ago from Boohoo.com.  Fortunately i was able to grab the last one available which happens to be my size (uk size 12). Let me know your thoughts on this OOTD.

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