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Hello people , just dropped by the blog on my phone after I just finished having my nails done at the salon.  I'm using my blogger on the phone because I couldn't wait to share this lovely pink colour I have on . Of all the colours and nail art the Portuguese lady placed in front of me
on her work table I had to go for pink , what can i say , pink makes me happy.
   The rings I got in the mail on my way out and that too I wore immediately I was done, These rings are a lot but of course i couldn't wear them all just the ones that fit and look nicer.The left fingers are my real nails while the right are gel extensions , I'm also protecting my real nails using the gel too.
 Anyway , got to run , I have to be at an event in an hour. So have a lovely weekend y'all. Kisses!

What are you wearing on your nails/fingers? 


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