Hello people , how are you all doing today , and hope everyone had a refreshing weekend,i know i did, and i'm glad to see the new week. So , a few weeks ago i was nominated for the  Versatile Blogger Award by the beautiful Idu from Fashionably_idu blog, and just a few days ago i was nominated again for the same award by the pretty ,gorgeous Tania who is the blogger behind Inspire My Fancy blog , i'm so overwhelmed with joy that i'm now speechless and can't find the right way to say thank you to both of you for nominating me , i really appreciate this. So thanks a million!!

   I can't say i am  100 percent versatile but something i do know is that i get bored easily ,so i have to find ways to make my day or even time spent on my blog interesting not just for me but for my visitors and readers,which brings me to the definition of the award , it is an award given to bloggers who's posts and pictures are potentially engaging and also cover different aspects of their lifestyle, no wonder it involves the nominee listing other stuffs about themselves that they may have skipped or yet to write about on their blog for their visitors to get to know them better , So below are 7 things about me.

1.  As a toddler, i once fell off the balcony of the first floor of our family house,face down. Don't ask me how , the story my folks told me was that i was chasing after a butterfly. I guess i thought i could fly too....lol

2.  Being 6 feet tall , i like to have my bed customised  whenever i move into a new place. Nothing like a good night's sleep without your legs hanging off the bed . Something i had to deal with during my years in boarding school.

3. I'm not really good with pets and i don't own one , but i wouldn't mind having a parrot in my kitchen.

4. I love baking and as i already mentioned in my profile on the blog i'm a sweet tooth . Cakes ,ice cream,chocolates and anything sweet.

5. I am currently the only one in my family who's hair is chemically processed, my mom has been natural all her life ,same as my two sisters who went natural in the nineties,and they all have long healthy hair, so right now i'm officially transitioning to a relaxer free hair . My last relaxer application was on the 4th of January 2015. Fingers crossed i hope it goes well.

6. I love spending time on the beach ,just sitting on the sand ,playing in the water and letting the wind splash in my face...hmmm i'm already dreaming. It's one place where i like to relax.

7. I can watch anything except horror movies , something i've disliked from childhood when my older siblings made me sit with them and watch  and when it gets dark i have to beg them them to accompany me to the bathroom...lol


   As the rule states i have to nominate 15 other bloggers for the award and inform them too, By the way guys , you all should check out the blogs above and don't forget to leave a comment before you leave.


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     I can't wait to read your posts don't forget to inform me when the post is up ,i'm looking forward to knowing my fellow bloggers better , thanks for taking the time to read and for visiting my blog .


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