Hello lovelies,  how's everyone doing this Friday , i'm so looking forward to this weekend , just so i can relax and finish a book i've been reading .Today's post is about Makeup and beauty around the world . We've all heard of contouring , highlighting and the new one trending on social media -
Strobing , but do you know that there so many things (i didnt know until now )regarding makeup trends which have evolved in certain areas of the world , but i'm not going to be doing the talking writing today, Amy is , she is my Guest writer on the blog today and she will be talking about different makeup trends all over the world. Enjoy!

Beauty is not one's own, but a reflection of one's culture, according to a saying. Each corner of the world has its own standards of beauty which influence make-up trends. From France to Australia, we will now discover current make-up and beauty trends across the globe.
South Korea
Full rounded cheeks, pale skin, double eyelids, high eyebrows and Aegyo Sal (plump under the eyes) are beauty standards in South Korea. What about make-up? If you want to be beautiful according to South Korean standards of beauty, make sure you have pale, yet glowing complexion. Straight eyebrows without the arch make one youthful and sweet-looking. When it comes to Aegyo Sal, South Korean girls fake it. They use dark brown pencil to outline the outer corner of under-eyes, then they use a highlighter and at the end, they blend everything through. South Korean women like rounded eyes so they apply a black eyeliner by extending the flick downwards. Finally, gradient lips are popular, too.
South Africa
The major make-up trend in South Africa nowadays is the natural look. And I mean really natural. All you need is a tinted cream and a lip gloss, which you can apply on your eyes as well. According to a Johannesburg-based photographer Stephanie O'Connor, lip gloss is the biggest trend in South Africa. Lipsticks, on the other hand, are rarely used. However, another South African beauty trend is completely opposite to the previous one. A bright pink eyeshadow, a pink lip gloss and bold eyebrows. Pink suits dark complexion perfectly. It is no wonder that South Africa is full of diversity.

This may come as a surprise, but contouring is not the most important part of a make-up routine of French women. This anti-contouring movement gave rise to the use of a highlighter on the cheeks and on the Cupid’s bow of lips. The messy look defines French beauty standards. So, use your favourite black eye pencil, apply it on the root of your eyelashes and smear it with a calendula lip balm using your finger. Eyeliners are not used extensively in France, but red lips are all the rage. Red lips are their identity and French women wear them without any make-up. However, messy hair is a must in this case.

According to the latest trends in Australia, the new colour of 2015 is purple. A glossy mauve eyeshadow and mate burgundy are trending this season. When it comes to the lips, bold red or orange lips are a must. In the same way French women do not like contouring, Australian beauty trends propose natural look without a bronzer. Generally speaking, we can say that cosmetic tattoo has become popular in Australia. This permanent make-up includes eyebrow tattooing, lip contouring, lip blending and eyeliner tattoos. Australians can safely say goodbye to conventional beauty tricks.

In India, the land of colours, everything goes around bright and bold shades. Indian women love pastel coloured eye shadows together with eyeliners in green, electric blue or magenta pink. According to a beauty editor of Vogue India, peach, pink and coral lip colours are among the most popular shades during the day, while evening red lips are a major trend. Lakmé Fashion Week Summer Resort 2015 said no to the blush, preferring the natural matte look. It popularized sharp shaped lips with nude shades on one and dark burgundy lips on the other side. When it comes to the eyes, Lakmé prefers earthy colours.
We can learn a lot from beauty trends and standards, as they have a strong cultural implications. The ideal of beauty differs in every culture, but that is simply the beauty of it.

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