Just for the record,i'm referring to the white apparels in my closet,and why we have a love-hate relationship when it comes to wearing them out to an event or just to visit friends,that said, it is
summer and what better time to wear whites than summer time. For me it's the fact that wearing whites in the summer allows one to pile on the colours , be it a pair of white pants , white blouse or a white dress , if you've ever needed an excuse to bring in all the colours of the rainbow when styling an outfit  ,a white top, bottom or dress is all you need.
  Now to the 'hate' part. whatever a black outfit can do for you ,a white outfit will do exactly the opposite. I often hear celebrity stylists say that a black dress or a pair of black pants will give you a slimmer silhouette and help hide all the bulge,well, a white outfit will put it all out there for you,especially if the outfit is figure hugging or a bodycon dress.
  My white short in the picture from GAP is not so bad being that it is minimal, and all i needed to do is make it a little less boring with the bright coloured blouse, but wearing this pair of white shorts out to a restaurant means i had to watch where i sit and make sure that my monthly visitor isn't going to surprise me unexpectedly while i'm sitting...lol.



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