Sale,the four letter word that makes my eyes go ting!! like a light bulb that has just been switched on,that is exactly what's going down right now over at ZAFUL STORE. New members who sign up to
shop get 10% off plus free points and a whooping 50% off extra on swim wear. I really like the high waist ones like the red i'm wearing in the picture above, not only do they flatter the curvy woman better, I have a long torso myself,i'm wearing a medium and you wont believe it, they have sizes up to 3XL.

    This particular swim wear doesn't require a bust size measurement because its a DIY halter wrap ,meaning that when you receive the item its a long piece of fabric that you can wrap around in different ways to fit you around the neck,bust and waist. Below are a few similar ones from the store that come in various colourful prints.


            Here are my top 4 must haves for this summer.

1. Rompers /Playsuits

          I've always been a fan of rompers ,they are like wearing a mini dress without the leg-crossing when sitting down or pull adjustments when getting into the car ,they are fun and so easy to wear and play around in,you can style them up to achieve an effortless look or tone them down for a more relaxed look.

Click here to shop for rompers -FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING

2 .   Gladiator Sandals :
                 As much as i love the knee-high gladiator sandals , i still prefer the ones without the lace where you spend time passing them through each loop to get to the end, thats where the ankle ones come in or'if it has to be knee length then the ones with the zipper behind will do  for me. Gladiators have really come a long a way in designs that are not cumbersome but comfortable for the wearer so below are some colourful ones on sale at Zaful .

3. Sunglasses :

            Summer season or not ,this is always a staple in my fashion accessories, i've lost count of how many i now have , besides shielding you from the sun they help to hide your imperfections when you can't be bothered about makeup. They come in crazy designs and i mean really outrageous, colourful and twisted designs ( move over Oversize and aviators) so much so , you actually have to put in a lot of thought to it before selecting one to compliment your outfit for the day,unless you're looking to compete with Lady Gaga...lol.

4.  Body Jewelry 
                  From ankle chains to waist chains, arm candies to belly rings, these jewelry accessories are  hot this summer and i think they are really cute ,especially when worn over a backless address ,crop tops or even a swim wear. Visit the link to see more cute ones.

            Everything you see here is on sale at Zaful ,some of the items are on sale between now and the 31st of July and shipping is free,worldwide. You can check out the site through the link above to see more option and take advantage of the on-going sale.



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