Okay this wasn't planned or edited , I have just finished my Zumba session (got to get those extra calories to go) , freshened up and was feeling a bit girly, so I put on some light makeup including this lip pencil I got from the KIKO outlet in the mall.
   The lip pencil is in colour
309 and I tell you this lip pencil is really matte like it says on the label. The only disappointment I have is the wood pallet it came in , it's very light so when you sharpen it you have to be careful as you may end up going further than you planned to sharpen.All in all the price is great (€6)  for a lip pencil that delivers . I've been wearing it today for a little over 2 hours now and it still maintains it's colour,it does smear on glasses and cutleries but not as much .

   This is me below wearing the lip pencil in doors ,no flash , no filter , no lights.

 This is me wearing the same lip pencil an hour later outdoor,with natural lights.

      Kiko also has a range of lip sticks too ,maybe when next I visit the mall i'll check them out but so far i'm loving this Lip pencil . I sometimes use it as a lip liner when i'm using a lighter shade of lipstick and it gives a perfect combination.


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