You’ve done your research, and you know what you want to get, now it’s time to buy an engagement ring. There’s just one thing putting
you off – you don’t know what her ring size is. Here are a few tricky tips to figure it out and still keep everything a surprise.
1. Borrow One of Her Rings

This is probably the easiest way to find out her size without her noticing. Temporarily borrow one of the rings she already has, but make sure you know which hand and finger she wears that ring on. Her dominant hand could be a slightly bigger than her less dominant one and each finger had a different ring size. Tell a jeweller which finger she wears the particular ring on, they will be able to figure out an approximate size for her engagement ring.

2. Ask Friends and Family for Help

This is another easy solution. Chances are, your future fiancé may have already discussed engagement rings and sizes with a friend or family member, or maybe even tried some on with them. Perhaps someone has bought a ring for her as a gift previously and they could reference that.

3. Work It into a Conversation

This tricky tip is going to take some skill. If you think you can ask her ring size without raising suspicion, and then go for it! Try to be creative, and even ask her if she has an idea of the finest diamond engagement ring in Melbourne that she may like. You may want to tell her you’re getting ideas for gifts for your mother or sister, for example, but it’s a great way to get an idea of her ring size.

4. Get Other People to Ask Her

Here’s another way to figure out her ring size, but you must be able to trust whoever you bring in for help. Recruiting someone else to help determine her ring size can be easier than trying to casually bring it up in a conversation. Getting a friend to ask her ring size is far less obvious than if you were to ask her yourself. Chances are, she wouldn’t suspect that you would ask other people to get in on your proposal, so you could find out her size in a more direct way.

A great way to do this is if she has a friend who has recently got engaged. Ask the friend to let your beloved try on her ring and ask her size.

5. Compare Her Fingers to Yours

Another tactic is to take a look at her finger size compared to yours. Just inspect her hands when you’re hanging out together.

6. If All Else Fails, Ask Her!

While the whole point may be to find out her engagement ring finger size in a subtle way, sometimes it comes down to just asking her. Modern couples are less secretive about proposing, so it may just make sense for you!

You can still keep the proposal a secret while being on the same page about the ring, the style she wants, and the perfect fit.

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