Yaayyy!!!  we made it to 2017,happy new year everyone , happy new week and happy new you ..hehehe. Wow,2016 was real, opened
my eyes to a lot of things,  and i am grateful for everything that the past has taught me as this year is now time for seed sowing and growth. How is everyone doing today? I hope you all had a wonderful celebration during the Christmas and New year holidays.
    I decided to disconnect the blog for a while and went off the radar so i could spend time with my loved ones and get to connect again with my family back home during the holidays ,you know-the ones that you don't see but know they are always praying for you and always there for you no matter what, even though they still see you as the baby of the house.
    I don't have any new year resolutions , but i do have a vision board for 2017 and beyond and i intend to accomplish at least 70 percent of everything on there before the end of the year especially now that i am done with all the b*%#S*+# of 2016.
  So back to the subject of style. Being officially winter time ,it's all about the layers , one time it got really cold i layered so much i couldn't walk as fast as i wanted ..lol .  Yes ,it's fun styling winter wears but it's not so much fun walking around looking like you're a member of the bomb squad walking slowly to disarm a bomb..hahahaha..lol. One thing i now know is that a nice fur coat/jacket will keep you warm even when you don't feel like adding more layers to your outfit.
  My coat is from boohoo ,and its a size 16 plus size , i went two sizes up since it wasn't designed for tall sizes. My cousin told me about this (she is also tall and wears a uk 12),i'm not a plus size but this totally worked for me too. I've heard people say that they go a size or two up during the winter time because of the heavy fabric used in making the exterior layers. I would love to know your thoughts on this. Thanks for stopping by and for all the support this past year ,looking forward to a great year with all of you . Kisses!!


Faux fur Coat / boohoo
Bag/ Newlook (Sold Out) and Asos and Similar 
Black top / Asos

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