Mmuaah , Muaahh, Muaaah ... Big kisses and hugs to you all, wow, it feels so good to be back to the blog after the break. Technically, my
new year started this February so i'm wishing all my lovely readers a happy new year , and no i don't have any new year resolutions because it seems each time i make plans to do the things on my new year resolution list something gets in the way,like when i vow to eat better and watch my diet i find my self cuddled to a bowl of ice cream or looking for where the cake is at the party i've been invited to, i swear i must have gained at least 5 kilograms during the Christmas and new year holidays.
 So being the first post for the year i wanted to incorporate last year's colour (which is Marsala) into the look i created for today's post. I didn't get the chance to wear much of this colour on the blog last year because to be honest it's not exactly my favorite colour. If you have been following my page on instagram you would find out that i have been wearing a lot of skirts lately despite the cold weather. I usually pair them with a pair of tights to keep things kosher.
  For my boots, i couldn't believe how comfortable they were because i walked in them for a few hours and it felt like i wasn't wearing anything at all, the material is made of suede that feels really soft on the skin.
  I hope everyone is doing fine even though i'm yet to catch up on my favorite blogs, but let me know your thoughts on this look. Kisses!

Bag/ Zara , Skirt/Asos , Boots (Primark ) Similar Here,
Body/Asos, Faux Fur Scarf (Neighbourhood store ) Similar Here

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