Oh dear ,i feel
 like a stranger in her own home , it's been ages i know, but i tell you it's all work and no play for me and i really don't know where to start,i have totally missed a lot just by taking a break from blogging. The last time i was on my blogger account, i tried to fix a glitch on my Blogger dashboard and behold i clicked a button and all my comments ,(I mean every single comment that has been posted on this blog) disappeared . So i went back to my Disqus dashboard and luckily it was still there on disqus.com but not on my google blog here.I apologise to all my followers and readers about this hopefully Google and Disqus can fix this so that i sync all your comments from disqus back unto my blog.

  Now back to today's post, i'll call this a dual review , as i had to change my polish and file my nails before i started on the temporary tattoo. I don't know what happened to O.P.I. and i , i used to have their collection but somehow ,somewhere i stopped picking up OPI from the store and settled for ORLY ,then China Glaze ,then Rimmel, Maybelline, not to forget NYX. This O.P.I lacquer is part of a mini collection with 5 or 6 tiny bottles, i alsoplayed with glitter on one of my nails, by the way they are my natural nails except my thumb nail which broke and then i had to add a nail tip to them a week ago.
 When i was done i picked up my flash tattoos that i got in the mail over a month now , and tried them on , they are so easy to apply and stays on for quite a long time except maybe when you are in the shower or you're washing your hands with soap and then they start to peel off. I thought these would be good for summer when hitting the sea side and you don't want to put on any jewelry . There are so many designs but i decided to put these on my wrist and fingers, you can place them on your neck , arms, and anywhere really.


Under Indoor Lights

Under Natural light

  By the way , i would like to know if anyone can share a tutorial on how to sync Disqus comment back to Blogger,pending when they resolve the problem.You can leave a link in the comment form below and i will check it out. Thanks in advance,and have a lovely weekend.


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