So i managed to get some free time on my hands (literally...lol) and by now some of you would have realised that the Maybelline color show edition doesn't need any introduction ,at least not on this blog because i have reviewed quite a number of them in different colours here, today's
colour is called Burgundy Kiss, for some reason the burgundy shade is quite darker ,or maybe its my camera,anyway, i am wearing this colour on just one hand because i was so tired when i was done and i couldnt continue with my right hand . .In fact i have been so busy and having a lot to do at work that by the time am home i'm extremely exhausted,i managed to do my manicure just before i went to bed and tha'ts why the lighting is quite poor in the images here,so please pardon me.

     I also got these lovely and pretty rings/Jewlery from Born Pretty last month in the mail and i really like them, the store offers free worldwide shipping and they have a variety of items. Initially, i was going to give this away last month to mark my blog's annivesary (SBL was 2 years old last month,May),but i figured that i had to do a bit of rebranding on the blog , you know, make a few changes and then have a collaboration in doing something different for my readers/followers rather than just a giveaway for the anniversary,so guys its still in the works ,and once its ready it will be right here for everyone to view,read and participate,so please watch out .
  In the mean time i hope everyone is cool,thanks for always visiting and leaving your thoughts here on my posts. I may not see them immediately its posted because there's been some problems with my email alert for comment on my Disqus form on the blog which i am trying to sort out, but i do i read everyone of your comments,so thanks again and kisses to you all.


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