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              I hope i'm not the only one still feeling the floral trend this season, because it's one print i don't see going away anytime soon . At first sight one would think floral prints are so difficult to style but really its
not ,in fact its so easy to style with anything you have in your wardrobe , i think the trick is to keep everything else silent when styling them,so you don't go overboard. I got inspired to wear this outfit for work after i heard the sad news about the death of Robin Williams , i had seen one of his movies where he starred as  Mrs Doubtfire and also saw the ''who wore the floral print outfit better '' funny picture of him and Kim Kardashian on Twitter, and that's where i got the idea to style mine . My condolence to his family and friends and surely he'll be missed because i do enjoy watching his movies and comedies.

       As i said i intended to keep everything else quiet from the blouse to the shoes and the bag, but still maintaining a colour theme which is black and white.I recently took out my extensions and washed my hair and styled it in my usual bun. I've always preferred to take pictures in natural lightening but for some reason the day wasn't as sunny as it looked ,one minute the sun is up and the next minute its gone that's why some of the pictures didn't appear so good.

                  if you take a look at my blog url address you will see that i have registered my blog domain with a private host and of course this led to me losing every comment that has been on all my blog post since i started blogging last year, and some of my followers have also complained of not seeing the ''COMMENT '' button so i had to change that too and use a different comment form/platform ,i do apologise for all the glitch you've been experiencing on the blog,but it's all good now,and thanks to everyone who has left their comments here so far.  Hope you guys have a lovely weekend and don't forget to leave your comments and thoughts on this outfit of the day below,Don't be a stranger.




  1. Your certainly not the only one still wearing florals! I love it :P great stye!


  2. I really hope that floral never dies. Such a beautiful style - your skirt is simply gorgeous!

  3. Fabulous skirt!

  4. Thanks for your comment on my blog dear! Love the skirt! I'd be glad to follow each other, Following you now!

  5. You look so classy. Have a great day! I'm new follower hope you can follow me too) xx

  6. i love that skirt, classy yet chic

  7. you look lovely
    I love your skirt

  8. Love you hair and the skirt..looking good

  9. Pretty skirt, you look gorgeous! :)

    Thanks for stopping by and leaving a lovely comment on my blog!

    Laura ♥ |

  10. That skirt is the 'boss' of this look. effortlessly chic!

  11. Cute look dear

  12. You look great dear. Love that skirt. :)

  13. Love the outfit!



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