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  Hi dearies , here's a quick post of what I wore today. Lately its been raining cats and dogs on a daily basis where I live and what better outfit to wear on such rainy days than my cropped pair of pants. I remember when the folded cuffs were trending and almost every girl had them in denim pants,and my brothers would make a joke by asking
 my girlfriends and I if we had floods where we were coming from because they couldn't understand the fashion behind the folded denim, well today's  outfit is a pair of blue GAP boyfriend pants and a stripe top.
    This outfit is so comfortable and the colours are just appealing at the same time. Forgive me for posting just a few pictures as I am actually writing the post on the go on my phone . Thanks to the Blogger app I downloaded recently. If you are a blogger and always on the road *in traffic * like  me then you should check out the app.
     You can visit my instagram page for more pictures. Thanks for stopping by my blog...xo


  1. I like your stripe top.


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