Hello dearies, hope you all had a lovely weekend, I spent most of mine watching the world cup matches ,as you all know its the elimination stage and just looking at the teams on the football pitch and their fans I was inspired by the colours that were dominant on the field, which was green, neon green and yellow.
     Lately I've been changing my nail polishes at night because
I read on a blog somewhere that it prevents one from snacking at night especially if you're a sweet tooth like me and on a weight loss goal.The idea is that it prevents you from having to smear your nail polish when you dip your fingers in any snack pack....lol.
   Anyway, I got out my manicure set and tried on a few of these colours on my nails.
     The yellow was really light and it took a lot of coats to get it to be this visible.
       Hope you all have a great monday.....xo

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