So I finally relaxed my hair about a week ago after 5 months of relaxer stretch. A lot has really happened to the hair which I'm totally pleased with. If you recall in most of my hair posts on the blog first I was complaining of my hair not absorbing enough moisture and feeling rather difficult to detangle and comb through ,well all that is history now ever since I embraced water based moisturising hair products and sulfate free shampoo.
     Another dilema which I was dealing with during my stretch was the issue of breakage, and excessive shedding (which I think is every lady on a healthy hair journey's problem). From taking vitamins to wearing gloves before applying products to my hair , I tell you there was nothing I didnt do or research in order to curb the breakage.     
   Eventually I settled for a bi-monthly coffee rinse while still doing the above. The trick is also never to leave your hair dry at any point in time,because dry hair breaks easily.
  I have also put a together a few items that I will be getting for my next stretch which I am on now and hope to end in december.
So here's a picture of my hair in comparison. Like I always say , its best to pay attention to your hair to know what it needs at a particular point in time and also patience,patience, patience be patient with your hair and it will reward you with your desired goals.

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