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     Hello people ,and hope everyone is feeling great because i am ,in fact i am so excited to be back on the blog after an eventful and busy period . Last week marked my one year in the blogging community , it seems like yesterday and i was right here in front of my computer typing up my first blog post. I tell you its been so much fun being here and meeting bloggers from all over the place and sharing interesting things.
  Well to mark my one year of blogging I've decided to give my blog a mini make-over and this includes a new blog name and URL ,not to scare you guys or anything but everything else still remains the same(except for my google plus comments which i've lost already from this change),But anyway i am so so glad to be back here again and i promise that this time it will more fun and colourful stuffs i will be sharing with you all right here on the blog.
  For those of you who are linked up with me on instagram , my i.d on there has also changed to style and beauty lounge blog . I will keep you all updated with any more changes that this may affect on my other social media sites,in the mean time do have yourselves a blessed week ahead.

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