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    If anyone had told me i would be nominated for anything let alone an award for just having fun and enjoying what i do on my blog which is writing and sharing pictures, i would have giggled in their face,but here i am and so unexpectedly been nominated by the awesome blogger at Chicglamstyle for the Liebster Awards, -many thanks Rachel. You guys should go check out her blog,she takes great pictures with lovely views.
    For those of you who are not familiar with this award ,it's
 just a way of appreciating other bloggers whom you find their work or site interesting or love to know more about and since i've been sent these questions to fill out and pass on with my own questions, i dont want to go into details on what the award is all about ,but if you would like to know more about the award visit Rachel's site in the link above and she'll explain better.

Rachel O's Questions to Me and My Answers.

1.What is your favorite accessory? My Over sized Sunglasses ,can't go anywhere with out them ,apart from shielding me from the sun ,it helps to hide a lot of ''imperfections''...lol.

2.Describe a typical day in your life - I start off my day with my early morning prayers ,most times i skip breakfast before handling the day's business ,at the end of the day when i'm back home its t.v, family, and jokes time before I hit the bed.

3.What is your dream destination? Miami,gotta love the place.

4.Do you have any pets?  Unfortunately i don't.

5.What does fashion mean to you?  In one simple definition, fashion to me is art,i know this sounds like a clichè but I see fashion as a way of expressing one's personality through wearable art and carrying such creativity with charisma.

6. If you had to choose Makeup or Au Naturel, which would you choose and why? Au Naturel , why? Because less is more , every flesh ,every hair ,every bone no matter how perfect or imperfect it might look , creates a unique individual.Your natural features are your own true work of art.

7. Which 3 items would you have if you were in a deserted island? My Bible , A huge tub of Baskin Robbins ,for the third one, i will have Joan Rivers by my side so we could make clothes out of leaves and trees and have a good laugh. One needs humour to keep the soul and spirit going in any deserted place.

8. Fashion Icon ?  I would say Sophia Loren , her entire style and fashion epitomises class,she exudes natural beauty and elegance with out any of the drama we see around these days.

9.Favorite food? Ice cream

10.Meaning behind your blogname? My blog name came as result of  spending so much money on things that were either sub standard or fake where i currently live,and having moved back home from the UK a few years ago you can imagine the frustration behind this. So i came up with the name  ''Products That Actually Work'' to document and share my experiences with them,however i also see it as a medium to connect with old and new friends who also have things to share.

11.Favorite Actor/Actress ? hmm...with out considering the genre of movies i would say this is a tough one ,but i'll pick Laurence Fishburne as my favourite actor and Angelina Jolie as my favourite actress,both are talented method actors.

       As the rules of the award states below i have to pass this on with my own questions to 11 (eleven ) other bloggers. So there it goes.



  • You must link back to the person who nominated you.

  • You must answer the questions given to you.

  • You must pick 11 nominees to answer 11 questions you choose for them.

  • You cannot nominate the person who nominated you.

  • You must tell the nominees that they have been nominated by you.

   My Questions To The Nominees

1.  What do you enjoy most about Blogging?

2.  What fashion or beauty product would you Spend your last dime On? 

3.  How do you relax ?

4.  What do you consider as your best Body part?

5.  Which fashion icon would you like to raid their closet ?

6.  What's your most embarrassing moment ?

7.  Do You travel Light?

9.  Describe your style of fashion ?

10. What is your daily make-up routine ?

11. If you were a man/guy ,who would you like to be ?

   I hope the chain is not broken because i'm so looking forward to visiting your blogs again to read your answers, don't forget to link back to my blog when you do this post and also inform me once you do ,you can do this by connecting with me through my comments section,email or social links ( Twitter ,Instagram , Facebook e.t.c) below.   

Thanks for reading....xo

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