Hi guys ,hope you all had a lovely weekend, i spent mine shopping around for some make up accessories that i had to replace in my make up bag. Although i have resolved to be frugal this year i still find myself having to replace certain beauty items that have either run out or expired..(yea, yea, yea , an excuse to go shopping ). Well,as hard as it was,i did keep
 to my budget  this time by shopping for exactly what i needed.
  The picture above are just a few of them but i've only used the Nicka K eye light crayon and the pink lip stick at the far end ( the girl at the counter convinced me to get that) which i'm wearing  in the picture,But i'm going to be reviewing just the eye crayon today.

       The eye light crayon is very silky which makes application very easy ,it just glides on your eye lid ,giving you a smooth blend with out rubbing hard on that area of the skin. The eye light crayon is creamy and comes in a retractable applicator ( just like your average lip stick does),saving you all the hassles of sharpening with a sharpener.Although in the picture below i used this as both an eye liner and slightly blended it on my eye lids to create a less darker eye shadow, the colour i used here in the picture is NEL001 ( black).

             At N400 ( which is less than $2.50) i think its a good deal and i'm loving this product especially the ease of application and the fact that i don't have to go looking for a sharpener or a brush,you just screw your way up as it diminishes. I got this at Kuddy Cosmetics ikota shopping complex.The lady at the store was very helpful in selecting the colour i wanted because they do have a variety of colours to choose from and other Nicka K eye liners including the liquid one.

      Now the only down side to this product,which i don't think is much of a disadvantage is removing the make up at night, if you are just planning on using water and a cleansing bar or a creamy/liquid facial cleanser then you are going to just smear everything all over your face and that will take you ages to remove,so the best way to take this off is to first get any of the baby wipes (pampers,johnsons e.t.c) and a bottle of baby oil,dab a little oil on to the wipes and then use the wipes to remove the make up before washing off with water and/or cleansing soap. I tried removing mine with my make-up remover and it smeared all over my face,but got a better clean up using the above method. In this picture i am wearing my M.A.C studio fix powder foundation, Nick K eye light crayon, black opal eye brow pencil , and the romantic beauty lipstick with vitamin E i mentioned above.

      Remember you can always tweet me or join me on instagram to share your beautiful pictures and experiences on any beauty products i may have or yet to review here. Thanks for reading...xo


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