Often times I come across products that may have received great reviews online but the same product doesn't really do much for others,hence the one star,two star ratings that come with the product review,Be it skin products,hair products,whatever, and then you get the ones that are so-so which are just averagely rated.
    In My last post below ,i did mention that regardless of race ,various hair types often react differently to different types of products,Well, i guess we can say the same for everything else - skin type ,weather conditions ,climate area e.t.c.With this in mind its best to find ways to make products work for you in order to get a considerably better result before we go on to hang the manufacturers of these products.... (just kidding)...
    So below are some tips on certain everyday products and techniques one can adopt in getting better results.


  Whether its moisturising oils for the skin or for the hair the best way to apply this First of all to the skin, is by making sure your skin is reasonably wet,meaning it has to be applied the moment you step out of the shower.Reasons being that the water on the skin helps the skin absorb the oil faster and much better with out leaving a residue. The same applies to the hair except here the hair has to be a little bit damp before sealing with the oil.
      * Techniques
  When applying oils to the skin ,it's best to start with a thin layer and gradually spread it all over the skin ,thick layers of oils in a particular spot limits absorption and saturates the tissues.

Food,Fruits,Veggies and Spices

   Since everyone is going ''Green'' in order to have a natural youthful look ,it wouldn't hurt to try out certain techniques in getting more from your refrigerator/garden/ or shelves.
  Tea Bags - When frozen they do the same job a slice of cold cucumber would do when placed on the eyes to reduce bags,dark circles under the eye region and puffiness due to stress or lack of sleep.

    Place 2 wet tea bags in the freezer, then wrap a few cubes of ice in a piece of cotton cloth and drop the  frozen tea bags also ,wrap it up and place on each eye lid.It will rejuvenate the skin around the eyes.

Mash one Onion Bulb and add to your favorite shampoo, leave it sealed for 15 days before using it to wash your hair. This promotes fast hair growth.

                                                          Essential Oils for Hair and Skin

Have you got a tip or technique on how you use your products ,it will be nice to share it here.You can leave your comments,questions and suggestions below.


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