Hello Guys...,sorry i haven't been back here to review anything lately, been a bit under the weather,but really i can not complain even though i'm loving the weather this rainy season ,i have to be sure that i'm also giving my hair the right moisture it needs to grow.
    So I've been  researching and reading up lots of posts from fellow bloggers like me who are also on the ''long ,healthy hair'' band wagon,and have now come to understand that all hair types are not the same even though they may be of the same race and have the same texture,some hair types will react differently to certain hair products.
     I recently stumbled on a review by #freshlengths  on  Joico Moisture Recovery Treatment ,this was when i was really looking for the best conditioner that wouldn't leave my hair dry,and after using it twice i really didn't notice any difference in my hair except it  gave it more volume which made it a bit difficult to style.So i went back to researching more on hydrating conditioners and then i tried the Herbal Essence Hello Hydration Conditioner.
   I know they say you shouldn't judge a book by its cover,but this conditioner is something i would normally over look on the shelf  because of its packaging -a simple plastic bottle.Its got nothing fancy in its contents except the Coconut extract  that's labelled on the bottle.It also says ''100% softer in one wash'', but we all know that manufacturers will write any thing on their product labels to get more sales.So i let the curious mind in me digest all the ingredients in this bottle and then made a choice to get it.
    I have only used this conditioner once, following the instructions on the bottle,and my hair has never felt softer.I did leave it on for a bit longer than 10 (ten) minutes in a plastic cap before rinsing off with warm water. I then moisturised with Africa's Best shea butter moisturiser ,did my July(one month) length check HERE ,before i sealed with coconut oil and styled as usual.
   All day i kept running my fingers through my hair and each time i felt a very silky texture... It's one thing to see your hair get softer and manageable after doing a co-wash but retaining that softness all day no matter the weather is usually the problem,but this conditioner did the trick,I don't know how but i'm happy with the way my hair feels at the moment, so I guess the search is over and this conditioner is for keeps.

                                                 Herbal Essence Hello Hydration Conditioner

At less than $5 (N 800) for this 300ml bottle,this conditioner will not drill a hole in your pocket ,considering the amazing job it does to a thirsty hair.


And don't forget to leave your comments below and tell us about your  favorite conditioner and how it worked for you, if you've also tried the Hello Hydration ,tell us about it too and Lets review it more .


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