Make-Up Sponges

MAKE-UP SPONGES :  why we need to change them after each application.

         Ever wondered why the blemishes and acne on your face are still difficult to get rid off even after you have used so many products to clear your skin? Well, the answer may not be far off. Make up sponges used by make up artist for powder/foundation application could just be the answer.
 Most make up artist often change these sponges after using them on their clients , then why cant we do the same at home.Every powder or foundation i have bought has come with its own sponge application , but what i tend to do is to get more sponges , even though i do not use make-up on a daily basis, i always toss out the used one i find in my make up bag and use a new one for the next application.

 These sponges were meant to be disposable and this is why.
For every application ,the sponges are kept in the same compartment in your make up bag /dressing table or right in the powder enclosure, and these sponges accumulate germs which you can not see with the ordinary eye.

 So imagine , picking up the same used sponge and then slapping it on your face the next morning...Doesnt help,especially for our dear acne prone faces.

 You have nothing to lose by Changing a small make up accessory such as the sponge if you use it every day.It is affordable and can be bought in any market store.

If you have an oily skin and you tend to powder your face every now and then at the office or at home, then you need to have them in your make up purse, if you've got lots of stuff in your make up purse or bag where you keep them, then try wrapping them up in a cling film to prevent more germs.

How often do you change your make up Sponge?

                                                             Make up Sponges

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