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The Mini Home Bakery

            For some reason which i really find hard to understand , there has been  a mad rush over the years for the Bread made at the Deli and Pastry section in SHOPRITE stores in Lagos.One could only imagine that this could be because the bakery is right there and the endless queue and fights over at the pastry section is because the bread made there is sold fresh from the Oven.
         I've always loved to embrace nature by making my own meals fresh at home, and eating fresh baked pastries is no exception .So why would i go through the  hustle of driving all the way down to the Deli at Shoprite,then join the long queue (while avoiding being stepped on or pushed around when the battle for this Bread ensues)  for a loaf of bread that is going to be  packed in a plastic/paper bag and eventually get cold by the time i'm ready to eat it.

       So lets talk about this ''special'' bread and what actually makes it so irresistible you want to fight someone over it. We already know that the same bread is what is also sold in the display shelves in the same deli,and one could just pick one up ,and pay for it  with out being on a long endless queue.But have you realised that you can get a better deal right in your own home , Imagine waking up to the smell of freshly baked bread and pastry right in your home without stress.

      With various bakeries churning out bread whether locally made or from restaurants,stores or Delis in high brow areas, Our daily ''bread'' is no longer the usual dough in a pan we used to know .The average house hold consumes at least one loaf of bread a day. Wouldn't it be nice to know that you can make as many loaves of your own as you want ,at home. Which brings me to the Groom .My Kenwood Bread maker.


With over 10 recipes of different types of pastries,15 baking programmes and more ,an automatic ingredient dispensing system ( meaning that all you do is just pour in the measured ingredients for baking into the pan inside ,cover it up and press the button to start), this 780 Watts mini machine can turn you into a Semi Professional pastry chef....(at home of course).

Using a 780 WATTS Kenwood bread maker at home is no big deal considering that almost every home has one or more kitchen gadgets that consumes more power ,like the micro wave oven which consumes slightly higher between 750 to 800 watts , the toaster, and not forgetting the Electric Kettle.

But for a Country like Nigeria ,where power supply is not regular ,using this mini oven will be taking a big risk because, if for some reason the machine is in the process of baking and the power supply goes off ,then the whole process will be a disaster and you are better of throwing everything away in the bin.

So how do you solve this problem ? ......Easy.

  Read the manual to find out the paticular model of bread maker you have and its power ratings ,once you've done this , you can hit the store and get a UPS SYSTEM  that will be dedicated to power up your bread maker until normal power is restored or you have turned on your Generator/Inverter.

You can find more information about the specifications for this particular Model  HERE.

                                 Its so portable , it can sit right at the corner of your kitchen table.

The bread maker should be every house hold gadget in the kitchen ,if you can get a micro wave oven or even a small refrigerator then you can afford to get this little wonder.

So when next you think of  hitting the stores to stand at the deli to wait for a loaf of bread,take a walk to the 'Electronics' section and pick up one of these bread makers .

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