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Neutrogena It is !

Now if you are an acute acne sufferer ,you will understand the frustration behind spending that much on acne treatment and getting little or no significant results,which brings me to this amazing company called Neutrogena.
   I must say that the picture below may be a little frightening considering that this is what goes in to almost an everyday routine to get rid of acne and skin blemishes,but trust me ladies, its really worth it.
From the Neutrogena clear skin treatment with Salicylic acid and Retinol for blemishes to the Helioplex range of sunblock that every man on earth should be using daily.
  Although this is quite a lot  ,but i have followed the routine for  about a year now that my acne has been reduced to the minimum so at the moment what i use is the cleanser (at night ), followed by the anti blemish cream  and sunblock in the mornings.So i will only review the Anti Blemish / Anti Wrinkle range.

Neutrogena Anti Blemish ,Anti Wrinkle  (clear skin) Treatment:

 The Cleanser : mild non - irritating , pleasant smell,and easy to use. This cleanser will wash off even the toughest mascara,all you need is just a pea size ,it will not leave your face oily after use.Can be found in  most cosmetics stores around.

The Moisturizer :  what can i say , this is the miracle cream that does wonders to an acne prone face , treats acne that hasn't even appeared yet. It should be followed by the Ultra Sheer Dry Touch Sun block SPF 55 or more.

There you have it,i can't wait to read about your views or should i say reviews on neutrogena products that have actually worked for your skin.



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